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(Arguing Council & Lawyer in Supreme Court of India, New Delhi)

Adv. Jayprakash Somani is the top advocate of the Supreme Court. Simply with his great experience at Bar and his strong arguments, good preparation, and presentation of the case before the Court.

There are various laws on every subject. A normal lawyer other than a Supreme Court Lawyer does not understand in what way to address the Supreme Court with these laws. It is a Supreme Court lawyer who actually understands which type of jurisdiction is required to be summoned in the Supreme Court as per the Constitution of India.

The Supreme Court of India has been established and Constituted under Article 124 of the Constitution of India.


Our Areas of Practice

Shri Jayprakash Somani among the top supreme court advocate. He is managing partner of ‘Jayprakash Somani Advocates & Solicitor’ & his Eminent Team of Lawyers is handling Regular Appeals, SLPs, Writ Petitions, IAs, Caveats, Review Petitions, Curative Petitions & Transfer petitions in the following 25 types of matters in the Supreme Court of India.

1) Civil Matters 

2) Criminal Matters    

3) Property Matters

4) Service Matters

5) Corporate Matters

6) Insolvency & BankruptcyMatters   

7) Matrimonial Matters

8) Consumer Matters  

9) Contempt of Court Matters

10) Advocate Act’s Matters 

11) Business Law Matters

12) Banking Matters    

13) Labour Law Matters

14) Arbitration Matters  

15) Election Matters

16) SEBI Matters   

17) Competition Act’s Matters

18) Armed Forces Tribunal Matters     

19) National Green Tribunal’s Matters

20) Companies Act’s Matters    

21) Income Tax Matters

22) Customs Act Matters    

23) Indirect Tax Matters

24) International Law Matters      

25) International Trade Matters                                                                                                                

Top Supreme Court Advocate: Leading Lawyers, Senior Advocates & AORs of the Supreme Court are associated with our Law Firm.

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43) Civil Matters in the Supreme Court

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Book Written on the subject  "Supreme Court Case Laws on Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016" 
By Jayprakash Bansilal Somani,
Advocate, Supreme Court of India & IP
Price (India) :- Rs. 300/- Paper Book, Rs. 150/- Kindle/E book
Price (International):- $ 13 for Paper Book, $ 3 for Kindle 
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The book is published by Hon'ble Jayant Nath, Judge Delhi High Court. It is related to the Supreme Court of India's Case Laws on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016. Relevant Sections, Case Note-Facts-Findings of the Hon’ble Apex Court, and Citation are given for each case.

This book is very useful to Lawyers, Insolvency Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Corporate Applicants, Corporate Debtors, Corporates, MNCs, IPAs, IPEs, NCLT, NCLAT, DRT and DRAT, High Courts and Supreme Court Librarians, Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Consultants, Valuers, Law Students, and Law School Faculties. 

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Warning:- Supreme Court of India is the last appellate court, so search devoted, committed & studied Lawyer. 

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