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Service matters is defines under Section 3 (q) of Administrative Tribunal Act, 1986. It can be defined as all matters relating to the conditions of service. It is in connection with the affairs of the union, state, or local authority under the territory of India. It includes matters with respect to tenure, confirmation, seniority, promotion, involving transfer and/or reversion, dismissal and removal from service etc.

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JAYPRAKASH SOMANI, ADVOCATES & SOLICITORS is a law firm in India. With long stretches of involvement in the field of prosecution and corporate consultancy, our team of legal advisors has been working with the intention to provide complete, reliable legitimate answers for their clients, concerning service matters. We are dealing all type promotion, Dismissal, and appointed related Service matters with very efficient manners. Our team of best lawyers offers service matter advocates in India. Our Service Matters lawyers cater all litigation arising in Government and private service in Supreme Court. The law firm has effectively helped the clients in redirecting suit by supporting court settlements. Furthermore, it additionally guarantees fast and compelling removal of issues in Courts and Tribunals.

ADVOCATE JAYPRAKASH SOMANI has published 61 books on different Subject matters of Supreme Court’s latest leading case laws and where 12 books are related to Service Matters. Name of the book is given below:-

List of Adv. Jayprakash Somani’s Books

1.  Service Matters- Supreme Court’s Latest Leading Case Laws

2. Compassionate Appointment- Service Matters- Supreme Court’s Latest Leading Case Laws

3. Compulsory Retirement- Service Matters- Supreme Court’s Latest Leading Case Laws

4. Voluntary Retirement- Service Matters- Supreme Court’s Latest Leading Case Laws

5. Removal/Dismissal/Termination from Service- Supreme Court’s Latest Leading Case Laws

6. Seniority- Service Matter- Supreme Court’s Latest Leading Case Laws

7. Promotion- Service Matter- Supreme Court’s Latest Leading Case Laws

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Service Matters Supreme Court's 20 Case Laws

Service Matters in the Supreme Court

SLP Admission in the  Supreme Court.


Vital Features of Service Matters

· Court Martial Matters

Government & Public Sector Undertaking.

· Armed Forces

· Teachers


Legislation Governing Service In India

· Army Act (sec 153)

· Additional Emoluments (Compulsory Deposit) Act, 1974

· Administrative Tribunal Act, 1985 (CAT)

· Central Administrative Tribunal Rules of Practice, 1993

· Code of Civil Procedure, 1908


Service matters Services includes

>> Ad Hoc Service

>> Administrative Authority

>> Appointment & Joining

>> Age Proof & Age Relaxation

>> Bias

>> Charge Sheet

>> Child Care Leave

>> Corruption Charges under Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988

>> Compassionate Appointment

>> Denial of Reasonable Opportunity

>> Departmental Inquiry

>> Remuneration (Including allowances)

>> Tenure including confirmation, Reversion

>> Seniority and Promotion

>> Disciplinary Action

>> Suspension & Termination

>> Regularization of Temporary & Contract Employees

>> Compassionate Appointment

>> Disproportionate Punishment

>> Gratuity of Govt. Servant

>> Indiscipline- Misbehavior

>> Judicial Review: of an administrative Order

>> Major Penalty / Minor Penalty

>> Quashing Of Administrative Order: On the grounds of violation of the rule of Natural Justice, Arbitrariness, Discrimination & Irrationality, Absence of fair play etc.

>> Res Judicata

>> Selection: Right of Selectee

>> Simultaneous Proceedings

>> Termination: Termination Simplicitor without  Inquiry & prior notice

>> Unauthorized Absence

>> Reply to Charges

>> Premature Retirement & Superannuation

>> Increments & Arrears

>> Salary and Wages

>> Transfer

>> Leave of any kind

>> Pension & Other Retirement Benefits

>> Conditional Bonds related to Private Employees

>> Removal without notice for Private Employees

>> Date of Birth litigation


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