Jayprakash Somani Advocates & Solicitors

Law Firm for Supreme Court of India & NCLAT New Delhi

 JSAS is dedicated Law firm for Supreme Court Only. We are handling Civil Matters, Criminals Matter, Property Matters, Matrimonial Matters, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Matters, Corporate Matters, Banking Matters, Consumer Matters, Business Law Contempt of Court, Advocate ACT, Competition Act Matters and Income Tax Matters and AFT i.e. Army Matters.. Jayprakash Somani Advocates & Solicitors are totally committed to providing expert, credible, and experienced lawyers working with us on any issue pertaining to any matter. JSAS i.e. 'Jayprakash Somani Advocate & Solicitors' is a law firm running by IP Adv. Jayprakash Somani with the help of 12 Juniors out of which 5 juniors are AOR.