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Who can do import & export business:

Who can do import & export business:

  • 11 Apr 2018

Any Indian citizen who have PAN number & Bank account can to import & export. For entering Exim (i.e. Export Import ) Business one has to take IEC. We will see how to get IEC in some next blogs of ‘Procedure’. Here we will concentrate on who can do Exim Business.

Following persons can to Exim Business.

1) Any Businessman:- Any Micro, Small & Medium size businessman can spread his wings at international level. Cloth Merchants, Medicine Suppliers, Food Product Supplier, Agricultural Product Suppliers, Engineering Product Manufacturers & Suppliers, Software & Hardware Suppliers, Construction Material Suppliers, Handlooms & Handicraft items Supplier and many more…..

2) Any Professionals:- Any professional such as Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Finance Consultants, Management Consultants, Human Power Consultants, Educational Consultants, Other Consultants, Teachers, Professors, Analytics, Advisors, Trainers, Speakers, Spiritual Teachers, Astrologers & all remaining service providers can spread their wings internationally.

3) Any Employees:-  Some employees are always thinking of doing their own business. Such employee can start product or service exports. They can start Exim Business in the name of any of their family members. Balanced time after job can be utilise in Exim Business. Some employees can utilise their Exim knowledge in the Company of their employers & spread their business activates all over the World. Such dynamic employee can become a CEO or Director in the same Company.

4) Any Students:- Any Management Students, Engineering Students, Commerce Students, Agricultural Students, Medical Students, Arts Students, Law Students, Pharma Students & any other students can start their Exim business (Service or Product), part time while pursuing their education. They can earn while they learn.

5) Any Woman:- Any educated or less educated woman can do Exim Business in Product or Services. It is scientifically proved that Woman have 16% more talent than Man. So women can start their separate venture or they can be right hand in the business or their husband or father.